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How to Crack Activity Wizard Password in Cisco Packet Tracer

How to Crack Activity Wizard Password in Cisco Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulation tool that allows you to create and test various network scenarios. It also has an Activity Wizard feature that lets you design and grade your own activities or labs. However, some activities may have a password set by the author or instructor to prevent cheating or unauthorized access. If you have forgotten the password or want to modify the activity, you may need to crack it.

crack activity wizard password cisco packet tracer

In this article, we will show you how to crack activity wizard password in Cisco Packet Tracer using a simple tool called PacketTracerRecovery. This tool is built for PacketTracer7, and its goal is to perform password recovery on any given activity file or .pka file. The tool simply hooks the password function inside PacketTracer7, and replaces the original hash with a new one. After that, you can use "Ferib" as the password and gain access to the Activity Wizard. From there, you can change the password to whatever you like.

Steps to Crack Activity Wizard Password in Cisco Packet Tracer

  • Download PacketTracerRecovery from GitHub. You can either clone the repository or download the zip file and extract it.

  • Open PacketTracer7 and load your .pka file that you want to crack.

  • Run PacketTracerPatcher.exe as administrator. You should see a message saying "Hooked!" in the console window.

  • Go to PacketTracer7 and navigate to Extensions -> Activity Wizard (or press Ctrl+W). Enter "Ferib" as the password. You should see the Activity Wizard interface.

  • Select Password in the left navigation. Enter a new password and click Enable Password. The password has now been changed.

  • To save the changes, click on Save or Save As. You can also modify other aspects of the activity as you wish.


Cracking activity wizard password in Cisco Packet Tracer is not a difficult task if you have the right tool. PacketTracerRecovery is a handy tool that can help you recover or change the password of any .pka file in PacketTracer7. However, please use this tool at your own risk and only for educational purposes. Do not use it to cheat on your assignments or exams. We hope this article was helpful and informative for you.

Additional Information and Tips

  • PacketTracerRecovery only works for PacketTracer7. If you have a different version of Packet Tracer, you may need to find another tool or method to crack the password.

  • PacketTracerRecovery may not work for some .pka files that have a different password encryption algorithm or format. In that case, you may need to use a brute-force or dictionary attack to crack the password.

  • PacketTracerRecovery may trigger some antivirus or firewall software as a malicious program. This is because it modifies the memory of PacketTracer7. You may need to disable or whitelist the tool before running it.

  • Cracking activity wizard password in Cisco Packet Tracer may violate the terms and conditions of the author or instructor who created the activity. You should respect their intellectual property and privacy rights and only use this tool for legitimate purposes.



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